TaskInvokerShuffleToAdjacentSeat Method (Vehicle)

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Makes the Ped shuffle to an adjacent seat in the specified vehicle.

Namespace:  Rage
Assembly:  RagePluginHook (in RagePluginHook.dll) Version: (0.56.1131.11510)

public Task ShuffleToAdjacentSeat(
	Vehicle vehicle


Type: RageVehicle

The Vehicle to shuffle to an adjacent seat in. This must be the Ped's current vehicle at the time the task is invoked.

This can differ from the Ped current vehicle if the task is not invoked immediately (Eg. through an instance of TaskSequence).

Return Value

Type: Task
An instance of Task that can be used to retrieve information about the task.
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