Vector3DistanceSquared Method (Vector3, ISpatial)

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Calculates the distance between a vector and a ISpatial, ignoring the Z-component.

Namespace:  Rage
Assembly:  RagePluginHook (in RagePluginHook.dll) Version: (0.56.1131.11510)

public static float DistanceSquared(
	Vector3 value1,
	ISpatial spatialObject


Type: RageVector3
The first vector.
Type: RageISpatial
The ISpatial.

Return Value

Type: Single
The squared distance between the vector and the ISpatial.

Distance squared is the value before taking the square root. Distance squared can often be used in place of distance if relative comparisons are being made. For example, consider three points A, B, and C. To determine whether B or C is further from A, compare the distance between A and B to the distance between A and C. Calculating the two distances involves two square roots, which are computationally expensive. However, using distance squared provides the same information and avoids calculating two square roots.
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