Version 0.13.541.2492 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.13.541.2492 was released on Sunday, June 21, 2015 UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Fixed the SDK always showing version number 0.0.373.24.

  • RAGEPluginHook.exe now shows the correct version number instead of

  • Added console variable 'PluginTimeoutThreshold', with a default value of 3000 (Minimum 200, maximum 60000). Increase this value if plugins crash because they freeze the game for too long. Please note, that changing this value is a workaround. If a plugin causes the game to freeze for more than a few seconds, it has a problem that should be investigated by its developers.

  • Fixed keys being processed when the game was not in focus.

  • Game::DisplayNotification() now returns a handle to the created notification.

  • Game input is now blocked when the console is open, or when a form is open.

  • Added support for mods providing their own D3D11.DLL (such as ENB series).

  • Fixed startup.rphs script being executed long after the game has finished loading.

  • Added console variable 'ConsoleKey' with F4 as default. Can be any key from

  • Added XML comment to Game::DisplayNotification().

  • Added Game::RemoveNotification().

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