Version 0.44.986.9189 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.44.986.9189 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v0.43, preventing blips from being deleted.

  • Fixed .NET exception not being shown in the crash dialog.

  • Added XML comments to VehicleManeuver and its values.

  • Fixed AppDomainUnloadedException exception when a plugin unloaded immediately after loading without yielding at least once.

  • Game::SetClipboardText() will now clear the clipboard if the text is null or empty, instead of throwing an exception.

  • Fixed Entity::Velocity not throwing an exception if the entity is invalid.

  • Added Entity::AngularVelocity.

  • Added Model::IsLawEnforcementVehicle.

  • Added Model::IsEmergencyVehicle.

  • Added Model::IsElectric.

  • Added Model::IsJetski.

  • Added Model::IsOffroadVehicle.

  • Added Model::IsBus.

  • Added Model::IsBig.

  • Added Model::IsVan.

  • Added World::GetGroundZ().

  • Renamed VehicleManeuver::ReverseStraight to VehicleManeuver::ReverseStraight75.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::ReverseStraight.

  • Renamed VehicleManeuver::GoForwardStraight to VehicleManeuver::GoForwardStraightHalfAcceleration.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::HeadOnCollision.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::ReverseStraight50.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::HandBrakeUTurn.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::UTurn.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::HandBrakeDrivingDirection.

  • Added VehicleManeuver::SurfaceSubmarine.

  • Added Game::IsFullMapRevealForced.

  • Changed plugin unload procedure. RPH will now execute an exit point in plugins to allow them to clean up. Console commands 'UnloadAllPlugins' and 'UnloadPlugin' have been changed to reflect this. Added new console commands 'TerminateAllPlugins' and 'TerminatePlugin' for the old behaviour of the old commands.

  • Added PluginAttribute::ExitPoint. See the documentation for this property for the syntax of the exit point.

  • Added native name GET_FAKE_WANTED_LEVEL.

  • Added native name GET_LANDING_GEAR_STATE.

  • Added native name OPEN_BOMB_BAY_DOORS.

  • Added native name CLOSE_BOMB_BAY_DOORS.



  • Added native name GET_IS_VEHICLE_ENGINE_RUNNING.

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