WindowsEdition Enumeration

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

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Namespace:  Rage
Assembly:  RagePluginHook (in RagePluginHook.dll) Version: (0.56.1131.11510)

public enum WindowsEdition

  Member nameValueDescription
Business6 Business
BusinessN16 Business N
ClusterServer18 HPC Edition
ClusterServerV64 Server Hyper Core V
Core101 Home
CoreN98 Home N
CoreCountrySpecific99 Home China
CoreSingleLanguage100 Home Single Language
DatacenterEvaluationServer80 Server Datacenter (evaluation installation)
DatacenterServer8 Server Datacenter (full installation)
DatacenterServerCore12 Server Datacenter (core installation)
DatacenterServerCoreV39 Server Datacenter without Hyper-V (core installation)
DatacenterServerV37 Server Datacenter without Hyper-V (full installation)
Education121 Windows 10 Education
EducationN122 Windows 10 Education N
Enterprise4 Enterprise
EnterpriseE70 Not supported
EnterpriseNEvaluation84 Enterprise N (evaluation installation)
EnterpriseN27 Enterprise N
EnterpriseEvaluation72 Server Enterprise (evaluation installation)
EnterpriseServer10 Server Enterprise (full installation)
EnterpriseServerCore14 Server Enterprise (core installation)
EnterpriseServerCoreV41 Server Enterprise without Hyper-V (core installation)
EnterpriseServerIa6415 Server Enterprise for Itanium-based Systems
EnterpriseServerV38 Server Enterprise without Hyper-V (full installation)
EssentialbusinessServerMgmt59 Windows Essential Server Solution Management
EssentialbusinessServerAddl60 Windows Essential Server Solution Additional
EssentialbusinessServerMgmtsvc61 Windows Essential Server Solution Management SVC
EssentialbusinessServerAddlsvc62 Windows Essential Server Solution Additional SVC
HomeBasic2 Home Basic
HomeBasicE67 Not supported
HomeBasicN5 Home Basic N
HomePremium3 Home Premium
HomePremiumE68 Not supported
HomePremiumN26 Home Premium N
HomePremiumServer34 Windows Home Server 2011
HomeServer19 Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials
Hyperv42 Microsoft Hyper-V Server
MediumbusinessServerManagement30 Windows Essential Business Server Management Server
MediumbusinessServerMessaging32 Windows Essential Business Server Messaging Server
MediumbusinessServerSecurity31 Windows Essential Business Server Security Server
MultipointStandardServer76 Windows MultiPoint Server Standard (full installation)
MultipointPremiumServer77 Windows MultiPoint Server Premium (full installation)
Professional48 Professional
ProfessionalE69 Not supported
ProfessionalN49 Professional N
ProfessionalWmc103 Professional with Media Center
SbSolutionServerEm54 Server For SB Solutions EM
ServerForSbSolutions51 Server For SB Solutions
ServerForSbSolutionsEm55 Server For SB Solutions EM
ServerForSmallbusiness24 Windows Server 2008 for Windows Essential Server Solutions
ServerForSmallbusinessV35 Windows Server 2008 without Hyper-V for Windows Essential Server Solutions
ServerFoundation33 Server Foundation
SbSolutionServer50 Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
SmallbusinessServer9 Windows Small Business Server
SmallbusinessServerPremium25 Small Business Server Premium
SmallbusinessServerPremiumCore63 Small Business Server Premium (core installation)
SolutionEmbeddedserver56 Windows MultiPoint Server
StandardEvaluationServer79 Server Standard (evaluation installation)
StandardServer7 Server Standard
StandardServerCore13 Server Standard (core installation)
StandardServerV36 Server Standard without Hyper-V
StandardServerCoreV40 Server Standard without Hyper-V (core installation)
StandardServerSolutions52 Server Solutions Premium
StandardServerSolutionsCore53 Server Solutions Premium (core installation)
Starter11 Starter
StarterE66 Not supported
StarterN47 Starter N
StorageEnterpriseServer23 Storage Server Enterprise
StorageEnterpriseServerCore46 Storage Server Enterprise (core installation)
StorageExpressServer20 Storage Server Express
StorageExpressServerCore43 Storage Server Express (core installation)
StorageStandardEvaluationServer96 Storage Server Standard (evaluation installation)
StorageStandardServer21 Storage Server Standard
StorageStandardServerCore44 Storage Server Standard (core installation)
StorageWorkgroupEvaluationServer95 Storage Server Workgroup (evaluation installation)
StorageWorkgroupServer22 Storage Server Workgroup
StorageWorkgroupServerCore45 Storage Server Workgroup (core installation)
Undefined0 An unknown
Ultimate1 Ultimate
UltimateE71 Not supported
UltimateN28 Ultimate N
WebServer17 Web Server (full installation)
WebServerCore29 Web Server (core installation)
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