Version 0.23.730.5037 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.23.730.5037 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Switched to .NET Framework 4.6.

  • Critical game files can now be backed up by RAGE Plugin Hook, allowing easy down grade, if an update breaking modding functionality is released.

  • Fixed some users getting a "Please rename to RAGEPluginHook.exe" error when installed in a path with special symbols.

  • If an internet connection is available, plugin verification will now ask the server if a plugin is verified, if the installed version of RAGE Plugin Hook does not know. This allows plugins to be verified, without having to wait for a new version of RAGE Plugin Hook.

  • Removed console command 'WarnOnPluginLoad' to prevent authors from simply including config files to disable it, defeating its purpose. If undesired, plugin verification must now be actively disabled by the user in the settings dialog.

  • For security reasons, IsDeveloperModeEnabled can no longer be set in the .ini or command scripts (Eg. startup.rphs). To enable it permanently, tick "Enable Developer Mode" in the settings dialog.

  • Changed the amount of time each loading screen image is displayed from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • Added 'Custom respawns' example project.

  • Fixed Task::WaitForStatus() throwing a InvalidHandleableException if the Ped became invalid during the wait.

  • Task::WaitForStatus() will now throw a InvalidHandleableException if called on an invalid instance.

  • Added console key binding to the settings dialog.

  • Disabling the plugin verification system in the settings dialog will now show a warning.

  • Fixed settings check box 'Enable custom loading screen' always being initialized to false.

  • Settings dialog is now shown on the first run, or if the shift key is held while starting RAGE Plugin Hook.

  • Fixed a crash if the 'Plugins' folder does not exist at the time RAGE Plugin Hook is started.

  • Added reset button to the settings dialog.

  • User can now specify which plugins to load on startup in the settings dialog.

  • Fixed the hook launching if closing the settings dialog with the X button.

  • World::TeleportLocalPlayer() now waits to teleport the player's vehicle until the ground has been found at the target location to prevent the vehicle from being disabled for briefly being under water. By extension, applies same fix to console command 'TeleportToWaypoint'.

  • Fixed a bug in World::GetEntities() causing GetEntitiesFlags::ExcludePlayerVehicleIfDriver to not work, and by extension GetEntitiesFlags::ExcludePlayerVehicle.

  • Console command 'ReloadAllPlugins' now works when plugin verification is enabled, and will load all verified plugins.

  • When enabling developer mode, a command prompt window is now displayed, showing all logging.

  • Renamed AnimationFlags::AllowPlayerRotation1 to AnimationFlags::SecondaryTask. Old flag name is still present, but marked obsolete and will be removed in the next release.

  • Renamed AnimationFlags::AllowPlayerRotation2 to AnimationFlags::Idle. Old flag name is still present, but marked obsolete and will be removed in the next release.

  • Added TaskInvoker::ClearSecondary().

  • Added TaskInvoker::PlayAnimation() overload taking new parameters: timeout, blendOutSpeed and startPosition.

  • Fixed console commands and variables defined in plugins not being found when not being the first loaded plugin.

  • Fixed World::GetEntities() ignoring 'radius' parameter when flag 'ConsiderAllPeds' was specified.

  • Added boolean parameter to console command 'Exit' which must be set to true, to prevent accidental executes.

  • Added AnimationTask::AnimationDictionary.

  • Added AnimationTask::AnimationName.

  • Added AnimationTask::Length.

  • Added AnimationTask::IsPlaying.

  • Added AnimationTask::CurrentTime.

  • Added AnimationTask::CurrentTimeRatio.

  • Added AnimationTask::RemainingTimeRatio.

  • Added AnimationTask::PlayRate.

  • Fixed version info not being drawn when the console is open, when permanent version info rendering is disabled.

  • Messages about new console commands added by plugins are now combined into one message when multiple plugins are loaded.

  • Messages about new console commands added by plugins are now postponed until after the loading screen.

  • Added console command 'ShowConsoleCommandInfoOnPluginLoad'.

  • Console command auto completer for models now shows the name of the vehicle in the suggestion description, if available.

  • Console command auto completer for models now include ped models.

  • Console command auto completer for models now include object models.

  • Added Game::GetLocalizedString().

  • Console command 'Spawn' now supports spawning objects as well.

  • Added console command 'SpawnByHash'.

  • Fixed a crash in the console when suggestions had no description.

  • Model::Name now supports non-stock vehicle models.

  • Model::Name now returns names of ped models.

  • Model::Name now returns names of certain object models.

  • Added Model.IsPed.

  • Added Model.IsObject.

  • Added implicit operator for strings to Model.

  • Loading screen now shows plugins being loaded.

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