Version 0.41.965.8352 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.41.965.8352 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Potentially fixed an issue where the launch procedure would incorrectly complain that GTAVLauncher.exe had exited unexpectedly, if it closed before the game had started, although the game was going to start.

  • Fixed an issue causing Steam to close when cancelling the launch.

  • RPH now removes several intentional crashes added by Rockstar, for who knows what reason. This gets rid of some crashes while debugging.

  • Fixed being unable to spawn objects without world collision.

  • Renamed WindowsEdition::CoreCountryspecific to WindowsEdition::CoreCountrySpecific.

  • Fixed OperatingSystemInfo::EditionName returning "Windows 8" instead of "Home", resulting in friendly names like "Windows 10 Windows 8".

  • Added console variable 'ConsoleScrollAmount' to change how many lines the mouse wheel scrolls in the console.

  • Added console command 'Get' to print the result of a C# expression.

  • Increased the limit of Game::DisplayNotification() from 99 to around 960 (See updated documentation for remarks).

  • Added World::EnumeratePeds().

  • Added World::EnumerateVehicles().

  • Added World::EnumerateObjects().

  • Added Graphics::DrawFilledCircle().

  • Added MathHelper::Square().

  • Added setter for Blip::Name.

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