Version 0.34.862.6641 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.34.862.6641 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Fixed WeaponDescriptorCollection::Add() not loading the weapon asset.

  • Removed obsolete type ControllerButtonFlags. Use ControllerButtons instead.

  • Removed obsolete type GameControls. Use GameControl instead.

  • Removed obsolete field AnimationFlags::AllowPlayerRotation1. Use AnimationFlags::SecondaryTask instead.

  • Removed obsolete field AnimationFlags::AllowPlayerRotation2. Use AnimationFlags::Idle instead.

  • Removed obsolete field VehicleDrivingFlags::RespectPeds. Use VehicleDrivingFlags::DriveAroundPeds instead.

  • Removed obsolete field VehicleDrivingFlags::RespectVehicles. Use VehicleDrivingFlags::DriveAroundVehicles instead.

  • Removed obsolete method Game::Log(). Use Game::LogTrivial() instead.

  • Removed obsolete method Game::LogDebug(). Use Game::LogTrivialDebug() instead.

  • Removed obsolete method Game::HasAchievementBeenPassed(int). Use Game::HasAchievementBeenPassed(Achievement) instead.

  • Removed obsolete method Graphics::DrawText() overloads taking Point. Use overloads taking PointF instead.

  • Removed obsolete constructor Group::Group().

  • Removed obsolete property Ped::CurrentWeaponAsset. Use Ped.Inventory.EquippedWeapon.Asset instead.

  • Removed obsolete property Vehicle.IsTowTruck. Use Vehicle::HasTowArm instead.

  • Removed obsolete property Vehicle::ShouldVehiclesYieldForThisVehicle. Use Vehicle::ShouldVehiclesYieldToThisVehicle instead.

  • Removed obsolete method Ped::GiveNewWeapon().

  • Removed obsolete method Ped::GiveWeaponComponent().

  • Added PedInventory::GiveNewWeapon().

  • Added PedInventory::AddComponentToWeapon().

  • Removed WeaponHash::Unarmed.

  • Added WeaponHash::Flashlight.

  • Removed setter for PedInventory::HasParachute.

  • Added PedInventory::HasFlashlight.

  • Added PedInventory::GiveFlashlight().

  • Fixed missing author warning on silent plugins.

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