Version 0.21.678.4688 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.21.678.4688 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Updates to RAGE Plugin Hook will no longer be required for small game patches like the update from 393.2 to 393.4.

  • Removed support for game versions prior to 393.

  • Now requires the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (Instead of VC++ 2012. Still needs VC++ 2010).

  • Fixed crash for certain users.

  • Changed default plugin timeout threshold to 10 seconds.

  • Updated XML comments in Vehicle.

  • Classes Entity, Vehicle, Ped, Group, Blip and Camera can now be converted to a boolean representing its validity. Eg. (bool)ped; or if (ped).

  • Added Vehicle::CreateRandomDriver().

  • Added Vehicle::IsTrailer

  • Added Vehicle::IsEngineStarting.

  • Added VehicleWheel::Temperature.

  • Added World::WaterPuddlesIntensity.

  • Added Game::HandleRespawn().

  • Changed Graphics::DrawText()'s position parameter from Point to PointF.

  • TaskInvoker::PlayAnimation() now returns an instance of AnimationTask instead of Task.

  • Console command 'SpawnAndWarp' now starts the engine on the spawned vehicle.

  • Added optional parameter 'flying' to console command 'SpawnAndWarp' to spawn vehicles in the air with a forward velocity.

  • Added console command 'flip' to put a vehicle on its wheels.

  • Added MathHelper::Clamp().

  • Added TaskInvoker::FightAgainstHatedTargets().

  • Fixed keyboard layout always being detected as US on Windows 10.

  • Now dumps a stack trace of the game fiber that caused the game to freeze, when a plugin is terminated.

  • Fixed the crash dialog being unable to retrieve the log.

  • Crash report now contains a list of all loaded plugins, and which plugin was ticking at the time of the crash.

  • Fixed InitializationFile::GetKeyNames returning the value as well.

  • Fixed InitializationFile::DoesKeyExist always returning true.

  • Fixed World::GetEntities() reading certain flags incorrectly, causing misbehaviour.

  • Added CryptographyHelper::EncryptRijndael().

  • Added CryptographyHelper::DecryptRijndael().

  • Trusted authors can now add verified plugins on the website.

  • Fixed some parameter types not being accepted when using NativeFunction.Natives.

  • Fixed being unable to specify 'string' as return type for native calls (For CallBy* methods, use the non-generic overloads for string return types).

  • Hook now injects properly into a completely loaded game.

  • Added ability to display custom loading screens (all .jpgs and .png from \LoadingScreens will be used).

  • Added console variables DisableRenderVersionText and DisableCustomLoadingScreen.

  • Added settings dialog on first start.

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