Version 0.46.1034.9906 ALPHA

RAGE Plugin Hook Documentation

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Version v0.46.1034.9906 was released on UNKNOWN UTC.

Changes in This Release

  • Added support for customizing vehicle emergency lighting patterns and install these + sirens into regular vehicles as well. See the EmergencyLighting class.

  • Fixed a race condition causing an erroneous "insufficient permissions or bad anti-virus" error on some systems.

  • Fixed a race condition causing access violations when calling natives from a fiber and a thread at the same time, or from multiple threads at the same time.

  • The console can now be opened in the pause menu, and plugins will tick in the pause menu as well, if the PluginAttribute::ShouldTickInPauseMenu is set to true.

  • Added several overloads of TaskInvoker::EnterVehicle() including new speed and flags parameters.

  • Fixed that even though memory is allocated for 300 vehicles, only 64 vehicles combined, could be spawned by plugins due to a limit imposed by the game.

  • Fixed a bug in GwenForm that caused a crash when closing a window if Show() had been called again on an already visible window.

  • Fixed World::VehicleCapacity returning bogus value.

  • Fixed World::ObjectCapacity returning the Ped capacity.

  • Added Vehicle constructors without a model parameter to use a random model.

  • Vehicle constructors now throw an exception if the vehicle could not be spawned.

  • Added getter for Vehicle::RadioStation.

  • Fixed Quaternion::FromAxes() producing incorrect results.

  • Marked RadioStation::OFF as obsolete.

  • Added RadioStation::Off.

  • Fixed a crash in HitResult::HitEntity.

  • Input handled by forms (eg. typing in a textbox, clicking on a button, etc.) is now consumed, and won't reach plugins.

  • Increased the character limit of Game::DisplaySubtitle() to the same as Game::DisplayNotification(). Note that while the character limit is about 960 characters, subtitles above a certain length will not render.

  • Added console commands 'Bind' and 'Unbind' to bind console commands to key presses.

  • Console command 'Exit' will now unload all plugins before exiting the game.

  • Mini crash reports are now put in a "MiniCrashReports" folder.

  • Added PedInventory::RemoveParachute().

  • Added PedInventory::RemoveFlashlight().

  • Added Vector2::DistanceTo().

  • Added WeaponDescriptorCollection::Remove() overload taking a WeaponHash.

  • Marked bogus World::TraceLine() overload taking a radius as obsolete. Use TraceCapsule() instead.

  • Added World::TraceCapsule().

  • Marked World::TraceExtent() as obsolete. Use World::TraceCapsule() instead.

  • Updated and added a lot of XML comments.

  • Added an option to skip the generation of a crash report when the game crashes.

  • Fixing existing instances not being detected correctly.

  • Automatic updating is now only available when the installed game version is not supported, to save bandwidth.

  • Added native name DISABLE_AIM_CAM_THIS_UPDATE.

  • Added native name ENABLE_DISPATCH_SERVICE.

  • Added native name CLONE_PED_TO_TARGET.

  • Added native name GET_PED_SOURCE_OF_DEATH.

  • Added native name GET_LAST_DRIVEN_VEHICLE.

  • Added native name STAT_GET_NUMBER_OF_DAYS.

  • Added native name STAT_GET_NUMBER_OF_HOURS.

  • Added native name STAT_GET_NUMBER_OF_MINUTES.

  • Added native name STAT_GET_NUMBER_OF_SECONDS.

  • Added native name GET_PED_AMMO_TYPE_FROM_WEAPON.

  • Added native name START_SHAPE_TEST_LOS_PROBE.

  • Added native name START_SHAPE_TEST_BOUNDING_BOX.

  • Added native name START_SHAPE_TEST_BOX.

  • Added native name START_SHAPE_TEST_BOUND.

  • Added native name START_SHAPE_TEST_CAPSULE.

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